You Can Help! Donate Now!


At the Adoption Center we are committed to creating a safe, healthy, loving place for animals to live while they wait for you to visit them – and take home some love.

This commitment takes time, energy, and resources – and we can use all the resources we can get!

There are a lot of ways you can help the Adoption Center!

  • Financial donations of any size
  • Donate dog houses, food bowls, pens, leashes
  • Give a gift of dog and cat food
  • Donate Cleaning supplies to be used in cages
  • Give a gift of animal grooming supplies (shampoo, flea treatment, etc.)
  • Ask your community organization to have director Ethel Sprouse speak about the Adoption Center’s facility, programs, and needs 
  • Have your youth group take on the Adoption Center as a special project – with opportunities for volunteering and fund raising 

We welcome your support in any form. Thank you for your help! 

We hope you will come visit us soon to see just how your support is being used for the benefit of our animals in Cherokee County, Alabama.